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    For Sale - repaired upper rocker arms and shafts


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    For Sale - repaired upper rocker arms and shafts

    Beitrag von bc30se am Mi 22 Nov - 12:48


    I can offer the repair set for your upper rocker arms. Some information:

    1. the shafts - steel hardened - much harder than the original ones - 50hrc min up to 60hrc, hardened surface depth from 1 to 1.2mm, the shaft is soft inside.
    2. the bearings - bimetal type - steel / bronze - specially made for this application
    3. lubrication - modified to a new type (650 engines) - 2 oiling points - grooves in the bearings, flow out holes in the arms) - it is possible to retain the "old type" one hole lubrication - just inform me.

    4. You can send your old ones and wait for the repair or we can make a swap, you send me your bad ones and I send you a ready made set
    8. The Price is 125eu
    9. Contact me via PM
    10. I don't want to lie about the postage cost but a set will be about 10eu I suppose..

    PS. I will have 3 sets ready next week.

    Thank you!

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